Highway 50 Bus / Carpool Lanes Sunrise Blvd. to Downtown

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Measure A Funding
Project Status


Project Location and Description:

This project is to construct HOV Lanes & Community Enhancements along US 50 in Sacramento County from the Watt Avenue overcrossing to Sunrise Blvd, (approximately 7.5 miles).

Project Scope and Benefits:

The purpose of the SAC 50 HOV project is to reduce congestion, improve safety, and air quality by increasing capacity and promoting ride sharing.

The project scope elements include the following:

  1. Extend the existing Bus/Carpool Lanes from Sunrise Blvd to Watt Avenue

  2. Upgrade the two Pedestrian over crossings at Manlove and White Rock to meet ADA standards

  3. Sound walls and retaining walls with aesthetic treatments

  4. Landscaping at various locations

  5. Traffic Operations System (TOS) elements and ramp metering at selected locations

  6. Community Enhancements within Sacramento County and the City of Rancho Cordova

Project Funding:

The project is funded from the Corridor Mobility Improvement Account (CMIA) Program, the State and Local Partnership Program (SLPP), the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), the Corridor Mitigation Air Quality fund, and the Measure “A” funds. Approved programming and final expenditures are documented in the CMIA Supplemental Final Delivery Report.