Sunrise Boulevard Complete Streets Project

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Measure A Founding
City of Citrus Heights
Project Status


Construction of Sunrise Boulevard Complete Streets Project - Phase I (Oak Avenue to Antelope Road) wrapped up in early summer 2013. The project transformed Sunrise Boulevard into a complete street by providing aesthetic continuity; improved traffic, pedestrian, and bicycle mobility; and road rehabilitation. There are several phases of improvements planned for the Sunrise Boulevard corridor, including the Sunrise-Sungarden Signalization Improvement Project (PDF). This project is scheduled for construction beginning November 2014 and is expected to wrap up by spring 2015. This phase will re-grade the Sunrise-Sungarden intersection to eliminate the significant elevation difference between the north- and southbound lanes of Sunrise, install a new traffic signal with state-of-the-art control equipment, vibro-tactile pedestrian push-buttons, countdown pedestrian signal heads and curb access ramps (for ADA compliance) as well as bicycle detecting sensors. The work will also include reconstructing a section of raised sidewalk southwest of the intersection to improve safety and accessibility. New center medians and enhanced striping, pavement markings, and improved transit stops are also included in this phase. The next section of Sunrise Boulevard scheduled for improvements is the area between Antelope Road and the north City limits, focusing primarily along the west side. This phase will replace existing curb, gutter and sidewalk with new vertical curb and wider, ADA compliant sidewalk and will also construct infill curb, gutter and sidewalk where sections are missing ( along the west side only) along with fully accessible transit stops and shelters. The project will also resurface the existing roadway by constructing minor pavement repairs followed by an asphalt overlay applied to the full width of the boulevard. Re-striping of the roadway will maintain the existing 2 lanes in each direction with a center two-way left-turn lane (between existing landscaped median segments) and provide for wide bike lanes. The existing signalized intersection at Twin Oaks Avenue will be upgraded with new state-of-the-art control equipment, countdown pedestrian signal heads, new ADA curb ramps, decorative stamped crosswalks, bicycle detection and traffic cameras. This phase of work is expected to bid in December, and commence with construction by March 2015.

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